Terms of sale

  • The purchase and consequent possession of a ticket or transport document implies the knowledge and complete acceptance of the rules of transport and terms of sale described below and displayed at the ticket offices
  • The lift pass is a personal document and under no circumstance may it be exchanged, transferred, replaced, nor can the duration and type be modified. 4 to 14-day passes and up require a photograph.
  • When receiving the lift pass, the client must check that it meets his/her requests. It is not possible to change passes once they have been used.
  • To obtain the reduction for seniors, juniors and children, customers must show a valid ID document that proves they are eligible for the reduction requested. No self-certification will be accepted.
  • Loss of season passes or multiple-day passes from 4 to 14 days must be immediately reported to Trento Funivie company. The pass can be deactivated and blocked if the customer can provide the respective code (e.g. NA *30-2496-01-659) reported on the lost pass. The cost to deactivate, block and issue a new pass is Euro 15,00 (plus a Euro 5,00 deposit) and this can be done only at quiet periods at the ticket office in Vason.
  • Without prejudice to the point above, lost, stolen or confiscated lift passes will not be replaced or refunded.
  • Lift passes cannot be refunded or replaced for bad weather, closure of lifts (even partial closure due to bad weather conditions, e.g. strong wind), closure of ski runs (for lack of snow, competitions, trainings) or illness.
  • Any misuse of the lift pass, and in particular its transfer to third parties, will result in its immediate withdrawal and cancellation without prejudice to the right to undertake both criminal and civil action against the transgressors.
  • Multiple-day lift passes (4 days and more), that are not used following an injury on the ski runs, after the on-the-spot intervention by “alpine rescue” and upon submission of the medical documents issued by a hospital casualty department or trauma centre (not by the tourist doctor) and with prognosis longer than 7 days, will be refunded as follows:
  • tramite ITAS Assicurazioni ai possessori della polizza ITASNOW;
  • through a personal, non-transferable VOUCHER (an alternative to reimbursement, possible only through the ITASNOW policy).
    This voucher is valid only in the current season, or the next one (2020/21), for the unused days and starting from the day following the injury. The voucher will be issued by Trento Funivie and will be of the MB type for the Monte Bondone passes and of the Superskirama type for the SS passes.
  • Relatives or friends accompanying the injured party will not be entitled to any refunds or voucher.
  • Skiers with invalidity of over 50% (certified) are entitled to a 50% reduction only on 1 or multiple-day passes valid on the lifts of Trento Funivie and a 25% reduction on the same passes is granted to skiers with certified documents proving an invalidity of between 25% and 49%.
  • Ticket offices accept cash or major credit cards according to the laws in force.
  • Bank transfers with no charges for the beneficiary are also accepted. Our administrative office must receive the bank transfer before issuing the lift passes. Cheques are not accepted.
  • It is not possible to extend the validity of passes already issued and used.
  • With the “holiday packages” it is not possible to change the kind of multiple-day tickets provided by the respective vouchers or to complement them with other combinations, not even before they are issued.
  • Lift passes are issued exclusively in the form of a KeyCard upon payment of a Euro 5,00 deposit, which will be given back when returning the intact and functioning pass to the ticket offices.
  • All weeks falling between two seasons (Christmas/New Year – High/Low season) will be considered as the season with the highest price if they fall within that season for half or more of the days.
  • The lift pass and lift cards are transport documents, and therefore act as a receipt (as per the Italian Ministerial Decree 30.06.92 as amended).
  • If an invoice is required, it must be requested before they are issued. If requested, a till receipt can be issued upon purchase of the ticket.
  • The listed prices include 10% VAT.
  • All passes (including those for individual trips) will be valid until the end of the winter season, 2020/2021
  • The opening of lifts and slopes is established by Management and the cost of a ski pass is not in direct relation to the number of lifts or slopes open to the public, but rather entitles the passholder to ski with at least two open facilities. The opening of all lift facilities nor the usability of all ski slopes is not in any way guaranteed
  • CAUTION: Purchasing a lift ticket, the user is conscious and well informed about health conditions of him/her self and relative parents or people composing the family unit (meant as people sharing with the user hotel’s room, flat, car, etc..). On the contrary, the user will commit to don’t use the lift and eventually alert the staff, according to procedures, about the appearance of symptoms. It’s forbidden getting on the lifts with body temperature higher than 37.5°C
  • In case of discrepancy between different languages of this terms of sale, the Italian version is the only valid.


For everybody’s safety all Clients are kindly asked to pay attention to the signs placed on the ski runs and lifts, and in particular to the rules provided for under Art. 30 ter (skier’s behaviour) of the regulations concerning the implementation of the Provincial Law of 21 April 1987 no. 7 as amended, displayed in the ticket offices and at the start of the major lifts. In the event of repeated breaches of Art. 30 ter of the Regulations, the lift pass may be suspended.